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July 2021

Anxiety Management is important for all at the moment

Healthy Valleys has been creating opportunities for support around this topic.

Healthy Valleys have developed a new Anxiety Management course, which has been running successfully since November.

We recognised and responded to a need identified through consultation with beneficiaries and an increase in referrals seeking support with increased stress and anxiety throughout the pandemic.

Resilient People's Gabe Jordan facilitates the group over four weekly sessions and welcomes a new intake of beneficiaries each month.

Gabe explained, "The course is a blend of information and practical exercises designed to help beneficiary's better self-manage stress and anxiety. During the sessions we talk about how anxiety effects both our bodies and our minds. Beneficiaries learn and practice grounding and mindfulness-based exercises that can really help cope with difficult emotions"

We've been delighted with the positive feedback we've received from attendees, who told us that they enjoyed having a "safe space" to talk about anxiety with others going through similar experiences and that the group and that it gave them tools to use going forward.

"I learnt new stress management exercises, attending the group encouraged me to use them regularly, it's made a real difference."

We understand that there are still many challenges ahead for our beneficiaries as we move out of lockdown and are committed to continuing to support individuals to self-manage and improve their wellbeing.

To find out more

For more information, email Ali Stanley (team leader) or call 07548 704 823

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